We believe that a truly open and sex-positive environment relies on members being able to trust that they share a platform with people who are like-minded consenting adults. We have a zero-tolerance policy on the presence of minors or those who would seek to exploit them. As such, our age verification is designed to properly screen our members while still allowing for the utmost in privacy and anonymity. 


We ask that new members provide two photos to accurately age verify along with their Fetsie username and the email address they used to register. We compare each image for accuracy and inspect them for any kind of possible tampering to affect the age verification. This method is a widely approved industry standard and a suggested practice from organizations for preventing the exploitation of minors. 

Photo #1:

Submit a selfie showing your entire face and your photo identification. On your photo identification, we only need to see the issuing authority, your picture(s), and your date of birth. You may obscure any other identifying information.


Photo #2:

Submit a selfie of your entire face and a sign. The sign must have written on it the date of the verification, "Fetsie", and your username. After you have written these items on the sign, crumple the paper and then uncrumple it. Hold the sign and take the selfie so that all writing is legible and your face is visible.



When members first register, they are sent instructions from our primary email for administrative functions: admin@fetsie.com. Members may respond to that email with their verification photos or send a separate email to admin@fetsie.com. However, we do offer other options for member preferences. When submitting, it is important to include the email that you used to register and your username so that we can match your verification accurately.

You may also submit your verification photos to any of the following:

Fetsieverify@protonmail.com    Learn more about proton mail here.

Message us on Twitter.

Message us on Instagram.

Message us on Facebook.

Message us or share your photos via Imgur.


Who sees my photos?

Only your reviewing administrator will see your photos. Infrequently, a photo may be reviewed by another administrator. Our administrators have a legal obligation to protect the privacy of our members and all associated company information.

What happens to my photos after they are reviewed?

In cases where photos are sent to us, we conduct our review and store member account notations in a secure, encrypted server. Notations include the date of the verification, the administrator who approved the member, the member's birthdate, the issuing authority of their identification, the email they use to register, and their username. The actual photos are deleted from our servers, email, or social media messaging applications, whichever may apply. Members may set expirations on photos shared via platforms that allow this, in which case, your photos expire after we view them and we are no longer able to access them. If we do not have enough time to accurately review the images, we will message back with another request to view the images. 

How long does it take for my verification to be approved?

We request 48 hours but typically take significantly less time than that to review verifications.

Why do you verify with this method?

This method offers the most anonymity for our members while still allowing us to make the most accurate age verification possible. Digital methods, such as check boxes and sms verifications, are easily sidestepped by minors. Other secure methods of age verification require sensitive information like social security numbers and physical addresses. While we understand that no method is completely foolproof, we take verifications seriously and endeavor to do our due diligence to keep the Fetsie community safe. Age verification methods using a photo ID is a practice suggested by child-exploitation prevention groups like THORN. Learn more about keeping minors safe here.

What happens if my verification isn't approved?

We may not approve a verification for several reasons. Usually, we simply require photos to be retaken so that we can read birth dates or make a positive match for the identification picture and the selfie. If this is the case, we will work with you and give you other opportunities to submit clear photos. Rarely, we may reject a verification if the member is not yet eighteen years old or has attempted to deceive us. In this case, the member is rejected and banned indefinitely. 

What types of photo identification are accepted?

We accept any government-issued identification including passports and driver's licenses. We may accept other forms of photo identification on a case by case basis. Feel free to reach out to us at any of the above-mentioned methods to get approval for alternative forms of photo identification.