Fetsie is proudly 100% women-owned and designed. Each of us comes from the common backgrounds of lifestyle fetishism and working in the adult entertainment and fetish industry. Using various platforms for networking and meeting clients, we met and bonded over a shared enthusiasm for maintaining safe spaces, sex and fetish education, and nurturing the community. We acted together as moderators and organizers to screen clients, educate sellers, and interact with fetishists of all kinds to learn and grow as professionals and leaders. 

Growing frustration over the lack of enforcement of harassment policies, the presence and exploitation of minors, the presence of predators, and managing catfish accounts, bots, and dishonest users made our work difficult. These distractions are also a detriment to what should be fun adult environments. For months, we dreamed of something better both for ourselves and for our friends and colleagues. Several months later, Fetsie was in its planning stages. 

We aim to be different than other platforms both in our ability to adapt, change, and listen to users and our hard stance on safety for members. The verification process we use has been in use for several years by many other adult entertainment providers on an individual basis. It is not new or unique, but it is a new standard in fetish and adult platforms. And while verifying members requires extra time and effort, the end result is well worth it. 

We believe that fetish enthusiasts and professionals have been settling for unwelcoming, expensive, or unsafe platforms for years, but it doesn't need to be this way. It is possible to build a fun and engaging community that is also safe and looks out for its members. We are excited about creating and perfecting the platform we've always wanted for ourselves, our clients, and our friends. Each individual feature on Fetsie has been carefully picked and added to the platform for optimum member enjoyment and consideration for various fetish types and personalities. Even as the fetish landscape changes, Fetsie can adapt to meet the needs of its members. 

Email: admin@fetsie.com

Main Office Location: Arnold, MD 21012

Incorporated in Nevada, November 2017